My brother, SIL, and nephew are coming for a short visit next weekend. Of course we're broke. I couldn't say no. I feel like such a bad hostess. We're going to take them on a tour of the Llama farm down the road. It's the cheapest activity I could find for all of us to do together. Then we'll probably walk down to the beach – I still haven't been – with a picnic lunch.
I feel like that's such a letdown, but we have to go out and buy a bed for them to sleep in because we don't have a guest bed any more. Otherwise I'd probably take my SIL shopping for the baby… she's due in October. I feel so bad about it all. I know they wanted to see us before the baby came because that will keep them home for a while.
It always seems like we never have money when people want to visit. I hate feeling this way. It wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't just bought a house. It really depleated our funds. It's going to take us two years to get back the savings we had before we bought this place… how scary is that?
Does anyone have any fun family activities they could recommend?


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