The Human Spirit

I'm not good at expressing my thoughts concerning current events so I tend to keep them out of my online musings. I'm not sure why I've decided to actually say something about the devastation on the Gulf Coast except it's cathartic.
What do you say as you sit comfortably in your home, in front of a computer monitor with your family safely tucked in their beds? I'm sorry for your suffering? I wish I could help you. What?
I guess what I'd like to do is hug them. Hug them all and bring them to my kitchen table to let them eat what I've made them, to hear their needs, to comfort them when I can or listen when I can't. I'd like to offer them a shower, a change of clothes, a place to rest their wary bodies and souls. I'd like to do all these things and yet I'm too far away to help mend their spirit.
Because basically that's really what needs to be done once the evacuations are finished. The human spirit is going to be in desperate need of tender healing. Can we offer that to those displaced, ravaged, grieving the loss of a loved one(s) during this time? Can we? Or will we be more preoccupied by the cost of the damage?
Yes, the financial burden will be great… Who cares when so many human beings are suffering. Our society counts the pennies instead of acts of kindness. We blame others for not preparing instead of offering our preparedness to help them as well. I hope more people will decide to be less judgmental and offer their help. I really do hope the human spirit will shine a healing light on the human spirit that finds itself in the deep shadow of devastation.
I'm sure that doesn't make any sense… instead all I can do is donate what little cash we have. Won't you do the same?
American Red Cross


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