Putting Up [sort of]

Tonight I made spaghetti sauce from the tomatoes that were ready to spoil. They were so ripe the juices flowed all over the cutting board and I practically had a glass full that I added back into the pot. It ended up only making three pints. I figure it's three I didn't have before tonight so it's all good. I forgot to take pictures… argh! Oh well.
Tomorrow I'm using the rest of the tomatoes to make chipotle lime salsa. Yum. It should look pretty cool since I'll be using the green zebras and the yellow orange jubilees. I'll try to remember pictures.
I can't wait until I have the proper canning supplies next year. Everything goes into the freezer now. I hope we don't have any infamous Metro Detroit power outages for the rest of the year… ha, who am I kidding?


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