Death in the Family

Geo's dad (my father-in-law) passed away last Monday, September 26 from a massive heart attack. He had been fighting various health problems since he moved out to Las Vegas, NV in 1999. It certainly wasn't a surprise as much as finding out that he decided, unbeknownst to his children, to be buried there instead of in Elgin, Illinois next to their mother.
There is a lot of ANGER. Not to mention Geo and his sisters could not afford to go to their own father's funeral. Nice, huh? The stepmother isn't being very cooperative either… it's all very sad. Of course we've been trying to use humor to levity the situation and have thought to finish his headstone in Illinois to read "Vegas or Bust" or even the quirky commercial with the tag line, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." No kidding.
I've been ill and full of some unexpected emotions. Currently I'm behind on all my projects and swaps, so I hope people will be understanding and patient with me. I'm simply not able to keep up with everything right now.


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