Jenny B. Harris @ Allsorts

Jenny is a delightful children's book illustrator and I love reading her creative endeavors on her blog, Allsorts. She has these very engaging virtual dress-up characters that I'm sure you'll love!
Recently she illustrated the 13 Nights of Halloween with Zoe. Each night leading up to Halloween you could dress Zoe in another costume created by Jenny. I'm sorry if you missed it… it will still be up for a little bit if you need your fix. LOL.
This leads me to a little challenge that Jenny posted. We got to dress Zoe in any of the 13 costumes – mix and match. So much fun! I entered her challenge with some friends I created for Zoe… that forest was a wee bit spooky. I didn't think anything more about it.
Today I found out I won and guess what? I get my very own Zoe made out of felt… how cool is that? Yes, I know you wish you had one too… you can always come over and play – I'll share her and we can have tea and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting.
Please, take a look at Allsorts – believe me you'll stay a while.


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