MiniSwap Package Arrived!

MiniSwap Package Arrived!
Originally uploaded by The Christs.

It's here and I'm in need of time to do this justice… tune in later tonight for the lovely generosity of our swapmates in Hawaii.
eta… I know I was supposed to update, but it's been a really rough day and I'd like to give it more than just a couple minutes. Please check back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “MiniSwap Package Arrived!

  1. tasha says:

    wow! it got there really fast! that’s great! maybe your box will come today. sorry about posting the pic with your address on it. i wasn’t thinking! i took it off my blog last night. talk to you later…

  2. Dawn Christ says:

    You know I didn’t even notice that… hehehe. Thanks for thinking of it for me and taking it down. Not that people can’t find me if they tried even a little bit. 😉

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