Yesterday was spent keeping a candle lit for an internet friend's son who passed away.  As we exhausted our supply of candles we decided to take George outside and to the park to get some fresh air and celebrate family.  The park is right across the street from our home behind a small cemetary. 


2 thoughts on “Outting

  1. tasha says:

    hi dawn,
    i think we are both on-line. you just left me a comment 🙂
    the landscape is so beautiful. now that i’ve seen a pic of geo, i think georgie looks just like you (from your user pic). talk to you later. have a good evening.

  2. Dawn Christ says:

    I’ve been up pretty late lately… my brain doesn’t want to turn off. The landscape is even better when it’s green and flowering or even better are the blazing colors of fall. I really like the area and though I complain about the cold I do love it here.
    It’s funny… some days George looks like me and some days he looks like Geo. I love it!

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