TILT: Flower Frogs

If you read MSL or CL you're probably familiar with flower frogs.  Or maybe you've seen them at tag sales, flea markets, thrift stores, etc.  They're used in flower arranging.  Most glass or art pottery houses made matching flower frogs for their bowls and vases.  They came as a matching set.  Rarely do you find them this way today.

I like the plain ceramic, glass, and wire ones. I have this thing for circles – I'm not sure what that says about me.  It's hard to find them cheap anymore… even the plain ones.

At one point in my collecting endeavors I was going to find as many clear glass flower frogs as possible to create a wall of glass.  Did I mention how expensive these things are now?

My prize flower frogs are the ceramic ones.  I love the glazes – probably my inner ceramicist coming out.

These aren't my full collection.  I believe I have five or so hiding out in the rest of the house.  I'll have to gather them up and put them in the cabinet until I can figure out a better way to display them.  At one point I wanted to hang them all up on a wall and couldn't come up with a successful solution to hanging them.


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