Dirt Road Grader

Living in a rural area you tend to see some big machines. This is a grader that re-grades the dirt roads around our township. This is the dirt road bordering the North part of our lot. We also have a dirt road off of the East side of our lot.  We have pavement that ends where the end of our driveway does and they muck it up by grading it too.

George wasn't too sure he liked the grader. The operator was nice enough to honk and wave so in Daddy's arms he decided he would like a closer look. Funny how kids love big machines.


2 thoughts on “Dirt Road Grader

  1. capello says:

    When they were tearing down a restaurant a few years ago, I took Griffin (who was probably about 18 months) and we sat and watched for about three hours.
    Last year they repaved our road, and totally took pictures AND scrapbooked it.
    Yes, my nerdiness is shining through.

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