Aerial Photography

I'm regularly amazed at how easy it is to find more and more information online. In particular I'm fascinated by aerial photography.

This is an aerial photo of our property taken in 2002, so some features are missing or no longer there.  The trees along the fence line on the West side of the house were chopped down – don't know why.  There is some soil erosion going on now so I have a feeling we'll be planting something over there to help with that this summer.  There are two apple trees in the NW corner of our property now and lets see…  the apple tree on the East side of our home was chopped down last year (there is still some work to do on it yet to get it completely taken down).  Following Michigan tradition our garage is almost as big as our home. Hehehe.  That's a pear tree just past it in the NE Corner.  It seems the township has taken liberties with our property and their ROW.  Now the tree practically sits in the dirt road – no kidding.
If you want to see more places or spy on your neighbors (just kidding) you can try these sites:
Terraserver – USA
Windows Live Local
Google Maps


3 thoughts on “Aerial Photography

  1. Angela says:

    I used to love aerial photography too! Got my kicks looking at my house via satellite a few times. cheap thrills!
    Hope everyone is feeling better at your house now!

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