Dante ’ s Raffle Fundraiser

I'm rather ill – AGAIN – fever/sore throat/runny nose.  Bloody relatives with their germs.  That's neither here nor there… I'd like to direct your attention instead to a raffle fundraiser benefiting Dante Salvatierra.  He and his wife, Sara of Mantofev.com will now be battling medical bills.  Many artists/crafts people have donated items to them to help raise funds.  They are raffling off those items.  I've donated a necklace to them that they've grouped with Art Lot #6 – bottom photo – that unfortunately you can't see.  It is directly under the blue fabric with the bat silhouettes.  I thought I had taken a picture before sending it so I could post it in case someone wanted a closer look.  Now I can't find it.  You'll have to trust me – it's gorgeous!  Raffle tickets are $4 each.  Please pass the word.  Thanks.


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