22 Months

I don't update on George's months anymore. This month seemed a bit different, so I thought I should make a few notes about it for him. He's definitely fiesty. Super active – can't sit still. Bites. Screeches at the top of his lungs when he's mad. Wants kisses when he falls or gets a booboo. Wants to know how everything works – on the inside. Loves the dogs. Loves Papa and Gramma. Loves Daddy. Tolerates Mom. Hates diaper changes and shows no interest in potty training. Eats like a fiend one week and like a bird the next one. Loves Fig Newtons and dried fruits. Hates green beans and mushrooms. Eats most meats especially if there is BBQ sauce around to dip it in. Is starting to talk – not much. Likes to play hide and seek. Loves to read to us. Loves it when Mom reads "Chugga Chugga Choo Choo" by Kevin Lewis – must read at least five times. Loves helping put the dishes away. Loves helping sweep the floors and vacuuming. Loves throwing the dirty laundry up and into the washer. Smells everything including rocks. Tastes everything including rocks. Loves to watch insects move as long as they don't get too close. Chases butterflys in the backyard. Picks clover and grass for Mom. Loves to play in the pool with Gramma. Loves to hang on to Papa's wallet chain. Counts one – over and over and over again. Sings and dances when the mood strikes. Loves his bedtime ritual of being tucked in and having his haired brushed back away from his face.
Happy 22 months sweetie! Love Mama


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