A Frog

We enjoyed the warm weather that the end of May brought us and have been practically shivering around here with the cold winds in June. What is up with the weather?

This is a photo (not a great one) of George finding a small frog in our Phlox growing under the Concord Grape vines. He was a bit tentative about touching it and just as he decided he was brave enough it hopped off into the leafy jungle.
I told him not to worry that we were sure to see him around that area again. I think he decided that was just fine and we moved on to the clover growing in the grass and then there was water to be splashed out of the pool.
I love spending days like that with George. I look forward to more of them this summer.


One thought on “A Frog

  1. capello says:

    Hey! Your back!
    Does George realize how lucky he is to find a frog in his own yard? My children would pass out from their giddy-ness. Everytime we go to the garden center we have to watch the tadpoles forever.

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