What's going on?  Good question.

My folks moved in and the transition hasn't been too bad.  We've each figured out our own little way to live together and for the most part it works.  I'm so glad that they are here, especially now.

Geo is moving back to Illinois for a year (or up to three) with out us.  I've been sick in mind and body about this whole deal.  Basically that is why I've been a mess, that is why I haven't been here much, and that is why I'm majorly behind on my commitments to some of you.

It's difficult when Geo is only traveling out of town periodically.  Not living with us for a  year or more… hmm, I don't know.  I have no choice but to cope.  And I know this is extremely hard on him too.  I think the worst will be the separation from Georgie.  I believe he thinks Georgie won't know who he is anymore.  I guess I'm worried too.

I imagine it would be an easier thing if we hadn't just moved to Michigan and bought this house.  Since the timing is off I suppose we have to deal with it the way we can.  I hope we made the right choice.


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. natasha lum says:

    sorry, i didn’t get back to your email. but, i’ve been thinking about you. you’ll be fine! i hope this doesn’t come out wrong, but think about the rest of the 50 years you and Geo have together. the year will pass sooner than you know it. i promise πŸ™‚ a year from now you can read your old blog entries and know you accomplished so much!

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