Large-Mouth Bass | 5 lbs. 21 ″ long

My dad has been enjoying his retirement. On Friday, June 16 he went out on Bogie Lake with Geo to do some fishing. They've been trying to land this one bass around the same area for a couple of days now and it always seems to de-hook itself right before getting up to the side of their boat. Well… not this time.

I don't think I ever remember my dad looking happier. I'm so glad he's come to live with us in Michigan for a while. It's nice that he can relax and enjoy the things he use to enjoy when we were younger. I love this picture of him and I'm so glad that I can wish him a Happy Father's Day today!
Now Geo… well, he's driving the boat so he's claiming a fishing handicap. His catch? Let's just say that maybe someday it will be 5 lbs. and 21" long. Happy Father's Day sweetheart!


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