Getting All My Ducks in a Row

I'm working hard at following up on some swaps I've been avoiding completing / sending. I was using our mail fiasco as a crutch although it seems to have been cleared up mysteriously and without any developments in the investigation.
I've turned into the very person I despise to swap with… what is wrong with me? So today I sat down, made a list, and yes, actually started finishing things up. I'm posting this to keep me on track here. So as I finish/send these swaps I will cross them off this public humiliation list:
+April Made Stuff Swap
+Coloriffic Swap-o-Rama Red/Aqua Swap Fairy Package
+WooWoo2 Swap
+RAOK to someone I can't list because it wouldn't be a surprise
If I missed anyone let me know.


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