Haircut Help?

Help me… please? I'm tired of the dark roots, the amazing amount of grey hair, and the nasty color on the ends. Not to mention that I can't do anything with it. My hair is curly but you wouldn't know it because I always have it back or in the bed-head do above. Ick.


One thought on “Haircut Help?

  1. Ali says:

    You and I share very similar hair by the looks of your photo – doesn’t matter how I cut it, it always ends up looking the same. The curse of curls. The big crocodile clip is my best friend!
    I saw Nigella Lawson on TV the other night and thought her hair was FAB – an inspiration to us curly-girlies, she’s curly in a come to bed way rather than a just got out of bed way. And not afraid to be dark either. Have fun with your new-do whatever you decide!

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