About Me

At one time I was Rural Mama… Dawn.  I was interested in being an unschooling mama working toward accepting my life a day at a time with my two sons at my hip… all the while seeking a greener lifestyle and re-connecting with the natural rhythm of my spirit.  At lot has changed since then.  I still want those things, eventually.  Right now they aren't something I have yet – more of something I'm working towards or in the process of obtaining.  So for now, I'm Not So Rural Mama… still Dawn.
I still love hugs, seasons, tried and true recipes, heirloom/organic seeds, thrift, child logic, night skies, new & vintage ribbon, laughter, ephemera, archaeology, warm kolackies, Grit, sledding, handmade products, CSI, funky socks, paper, anything green, beads, outdoor bits & bobs, flip flops, making the bed, self sufficiency, little treasures, frogs, genealogy, flea-markets, fishing, being handy, new & vintage fabric, singing in the shower, rocking my sons, holding hands with my husband, going barefoot, Cottage Living, picnics, gardening, reading, pen-pals, dogs, natural fibers, rain storms, rock gardens, fire pits, long walks, herb gardens, butterflies, dirt, lake shores, beetles, sitting on the porch, snow angels, Country Living, surprises, birds, swings, ala mode, exploring, Shirley Valentine, moments to celebrate, notes in used books, secrets, farms, old homes, swimming holes, camping, C.S. Lewis, Mother Earth News, sun on my face, tall tales, dreaming, libraries, dirt roads, rock walls, old trees, family stories…


One thought on “About Me

  1. Toni says:

    Hi Dawn,
    OMG! I can’t believe that I found you. We use to work together at RJO…many years ago. I still have the delicious Chocolate Eclair Cake recipe that you gave me. I hope all is well with you and your family. Please contact me! Take care!

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