Private: Private: Do you practice love and forgiveness?

This topic has been weighing on my heart for a while now.  I'm afraid it has shattered what little family I have around me.
It all started with a letter.  A letter that was supposed to remain unsent to the recipient.  The letter was one of those knee jerk literary pieces that has quiet a few unsavory bits written in it meant to rend the flesh.  I read it.  I asked that it be destroyed – sort of a purging if you will.  I was under the impression that is what it was for and that it would never see the light of day.  WRONG.  So yes, our little family was shattered when that nasty bit of work got sent in a heated moment.  Sent because it was never destroyed.  Never destroyed because the writer couldn't love and forgive.
So how do you move on when things like this happen in your family?  That's right… you practice love and forgiveness too.  It isn't easy.  I love the letter writer.  I love the recipient.  I forgive them both.  I only wish they would do the same.  I'm tempted… so tempted to forward each a letter with this campaign.  We'll see.


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