Perfect timing.  I'm thinking of buying a world map – prompted by reading Whoever You Are by Mem Fox - to help Georgie find different countries we'll be talking about in our cultural studies.  This little swap will be just the project to get that ball rolling. 


2 thoughts on “TTS2

  1. jek says:

    i love that book! there is a great series of book for kids called World Show Tell published by Oxfam/ Softback books on one thing like Bicycles, Hair etc…with photos of children from all over the world…lovely series, ooh and then there is a beatifully inllustrate What a Wonderful World, illustrated by Ashely Bryan…i think you can get a copy with the song also…okay, i will stop now…;)

  2. cordelia says:

    thanks for your postcard. We got two from Michigan. A fun chance to look at the mitten shape on the map, think about weather and lakes and farms of a different sort from the ones we see out here. Samuel really loved the dot showeing where you are!

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