AEzine Challenge: Creative Essentials

I do realize these challenges are mostly for those creative individuals into scrapbooking or paper crafts.  I'm using the challenge for a push to get back into creating – anything and I think it can work for me in that way.

  1. Time.  Laugh but it is an important one.  I find my time management to be a bit off lately and when it isn't I'm definitely more creative and the ideas flow.
  2. Journal.  Enough said.  It contains every imaginative thought I've had for some time.
  3. Pen.  I'm not going to be specific here only because I have a love/hate relationship with pens.  I find one I love and they always discontinue the dang thing.  I hate that!
  4. Found Objects.  These are any little thing I come across that I later incorporate into a project.  My craft room is loaded with jars, boxes, envelopes and bags of them.  This includes ephemera, buttons, ribbon, beads, broken pieces of jewelry or trinkets, fabric/paper scraps and tiny toys.
  5. Glue.  I have all kinds from Tombo to Gorilla Glue.
  6. Fiskar Scissors.  I have several designated for different uses.  My favorite is for paper.

2 thoughts on “AEzine Challenge: Creative Essentials

  1. Kay says:

    Wow! we’re so alike especialyl with the found objects. Something catches my eye, and it could be trash for someone but I still keep it. I have an object box. Hehe.

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