Private: Private: It hurts …

I'm  finally accepting what is apparently wrong with me.  I'm having a midlife crisis.  Yes, for real people.  I believe I'm reluctant to say it because of the stigma it still holds in society.  I didn't want to admit that I could be happy leaving my husband and jetting off to parts unknown but I would be.  I’m repeatedly asking myself "Who am I?" and "Where am I going?" and “Why am I sticking around?”  Among many other things I'm experiencing depression as well as a strong and very real urge to run away. 

I’m deciding to take an indefinite break from blogging here to figure out what I’m going to do .  Thank you for understanding.


3 thoughts on “Private: Private: It hurts …

  1. capello says:

    i was just telling my mother in law that i had no problem whatsoever if she wanted to take me to key west. sometimes running away sounds like a really good idea.
    if you ever want to talk it out, i’m here.

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