Mini Swap II Package from “ My Love ”

Raesha and Miss S. of My Love sent Lil' Georgie a super duper swap package full of wonderful items. Raesha made a cape for "Super George", a book bag to match :), and fabulous bean bags that come in their own pouch. We've had great fun with them so far this weekend. Georgie also received a folder filled with coloring pages of trains, two golden books (The Fire Engine Book & Bunnies' ABC), The Tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter, Little Einsteins pjs, wood truck model kit (Daddy is excited about that one… hehehe), train cut-out, Culdee (not pictured – in use), Coloring book/crayons (not pictured – in use), postcard from Miss S. and for mommy and daddy a terrific regional cook book and some mild green chilies. Yummy. Thank you so much for taking such care in putting together a lovely swap package for Georgie. He's been so sick and it was really nice letting him open it this weekend. 🙂


One thought on “Mini Swap II Package from “ My Love ”

  1. raesha says:

    I’m so glad you and George liked everything! We really had a hard time at the beginning since we are so used to shopping for girls:):) Miss S really got into it thought:):)

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