I'm dealing with so many things right now so I'm back and then again I'm not.  We still haven't had one person view our house.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that's zestimate is $55K below our asking price.  Super!  Our timing, as usual, sucks.  Michigan is in a recession and everyone else has the same idea as we do… put your home up for sale and follow opportunity.  Yeah, doesn't work too well when everyone is doing it.  There are 160 agent listed homes in our area alone – not good.
Most of my time is spent outside trying my best to create curb appeal with what little resources I have available to me.  The inside of the house is pretty much done.  We're still thinking about upgrading the bathroom floors to ceramic, but we're not sure that's a project we want to tackle right now.  So focusing outside is a priority and is also what may keep me from updating here.
As projects get done I'll work on posting some photos.


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