What are the odds that the one area that we've decided to live in – so we may own a farmette - is 9 minutes from one of Illinois' Nuclear facilites?  Yes, life simply can get no better!


One thought on “Nuclear

  1. gardenfreak says:

    Don’t freat. I came across your site surfing and I live in New Milford/Rockford, north of the Stillman Valley by 3-5 miles. We have never had any problems, the people are really nice, and from what your site says, perfect for a rural person….I came from Chicago and the area is wonderful. Have faith; it took a lot from me. =)
    Thank you gardenmama. I do worry about safety but what is safe these days with such things around us… will it really matter if I’m nine minutes away or sixty? I’m worried more or less because I don’t believe in Nuclear power. 😉 Nothing like living right next to the plant when you’re trying to go green. lol. We’re originally from the Chicagoland area (SW suburbs) and look forward to moving to a more rural part of Illinois. It’s nice to have our first impressions varified. Please stop by again!

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