Plant or Bust

This weekend is it… if I don't plant we're not having a vegetable garden.  Period.  It seems like this planting year is getting away from me even with my best laid plans.  I know having the house up for sale had me working more on the flower beds for curb appeal, but we're still here and need that vegetable garden.  Geesh.  I'm so mad for letting it get this far behind.  Any suggestions for zone 5/6?


2 thoughts on “Plant or Bust

  1. gardenaddictcook says:

    Plant some carrots, go get a few pepper plants, tomatoes, squash, and any herbs to find. Maybe try a cuke or two… Don’t fret. You can cover those raised beds of yours in the fall….or I will send you my overstock! You will do fine.
    I decided plants were the way to go and found all of the above and then some… thanks for pep talk. Hehehe.

  2. capello says:

    um… aaron does all that part. plus, we don’t do much.
    are those alliums?
    We’ll we got everything in… now we’ll see what grows well. 🙂 And yes, those are alliums – “Allium schoenoprasum” or chives.

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