Five Things: Robot Swap

I received some great loving – AGAIN, with these delightful goodies from the Five Things: Robot Swap on Flickr.

This fab lino-cut over a martian-esqe painted background was done by the terrific printmaker ezerd.

I ♥ pouches with zippers and this one is even more rockin' because it has robots on it!  crazycatladymel is a sewing ninja. 🙂

And the newest edition to my pitifully small stuffy collection (it's getting bigger!) is this delicious cyclopian robot from jek in the box.
Thank you so much for continuing to include me – I'm working hard on your projects and can't wait to get them out to you all.


One thought on “Five Things: Robot Swap

  1. capello says:

    omg, awesomeness. how’d i miss the robot swap?!
    Are you signed up for the Five Things group on Flickr? If you are you can initiate another one! It’s a really nice way to swap.

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