Second Appointment

And now they'd like to come back Sunday.  I'm sick to my stomach.  Please, if you pray or meditate or woowoo or know someone (hehehe) keep us in your thoughts.  The buyer really thought the home was lovely and wants a better look on Sunday.


One thought on “Second Appointment

  1. gardenaddictcook says:

    Jena said Georgie’s castle is great. Woo-woo? I have never tried that…..I will cross my fingers for the all of you. Breathe, my friend…
    Awww, I’ll let him know that Jena said so…
    WooWoo is slang I guess… it means an alternative view to a commonly accepted idea or belief. And again thank you for keeping your fingers crossed! I think I’ve been hyperventilating since 11 a.m. yesterday.

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