Day out with Thomas

For Georgie's third birthday we decided to cancel his birthday party and take him to a "Day out with Thomas" at the Crossroads Village and Huckleberry Railroad in Flint instead.  My folks came too and we all had a terrific time, which surprised me.  I'm not sure what I was expecting and being that this event was for younger children I think I was expecting a madhouse.  It was so much fun we could have stayed longer — Georgie's nap beckoned and so we left after making a selective round about the place.
We didn't tell Georgie where we were going and I believe the excitment was almost too much for him.  The whole drive to the village had him questioning every thing we passed much to the amusement of the other passengers.  As we pulled into the village he sensed something big was happening even while missing the huge blue banner overhead announcing the event.
Geo put him on his shoulders as we walked up to the station.  Then the realization hit him and Georgie was, "WHERE IS THOMAS?"  Hahaha.

We were lucky (and early) so we caught them bringing Thomas up on the siding.  Here's Georgie realizing that is what is happening…

And then came Thomas with his engineer:

We quickly got into the boarding line and listened to the excitement building up around us.  The children were all geeked!  And being that it was fairly early in the morning I'm thinking most of them were also well rested and ready for the adventure.

The motley crew before boarding (from the left: Gramma, Papa, Georgie, and Daddy):

During the train ride Georgie was enthralled with all that was happening around him.  So much so that he actually stayed seated during the whole forty minute trip.  A huge feat!
After the train ride we had time to enjoy a Thomas photo-op:

And spent about two-hours participating in the many activities around the village.  I normally do not like licensed character activities (they're often costly and contrived) — this time it was worth it and we learned a lot about the various buildings on the Historical Crossroad Village's property… a nice history lesson.  We watched a blacksmith at work, peeked in on the sawmill and icehouse, as well as riding on a vintage carousel (the fastest I'd ever seen).  Not to mention we enjoyed the details of the antiques surrounding us… I highly recommend it to those visiting the Flint area of Michigan.  I'll write more about the actual village in my next post.


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