Me:  "We're having a baby, Georgie!"
G:  "When do we go get it?"
Me:  "The baby is growing in Mommy's tummy and will be here next year."
G:  Looks a little perplexed.
Me:  Pulls out the ultrasound picture to give him a visual.  "See this tiny little dot here… that's the baby starting to grow in Mommy's tummy."
G:  "Sit down Mommy."
Me:  Sit down.
G:  "Open your mouth."
Me:  Open my mouth.
G:  "Hmmm… yes, I see the baby.  There's the toe!"


3 thoughts on “Funny

  1. aundrea says:

    Oh Dawn! Congratulations!
    George is so funny.
    I know we don’t talk much anymore. You are gone, then I am gone, and so on, but I do think about you and your sweet family.
    I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
    Love to you and all of yours!!

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