Hello again …

I'm not doing very well keeping this blog updated.  It has been a hectic summer involving possible economic strife & losing our home, fighting my obstetrician's office to have my baby naturally, and general misadventures that came along for the ride.
And there has been plenty of joy along with that too!  George has been growing by leaps and bounds.  His adventurous spirit is lovely to behold and we answer "Why?" a million times a day now.  We finally had him evaluated early this summer and he does have some learning disabilities as well as SPD.  George will be attending a special needs preschool this September even though I'd still like to homeschool him down the line.
Gary is due any week now, so that will be super exciting for everyone here.  George cannot wait for his little brother.  He has all these plans even though we've tried explaining that Gary won't be able to do much with him for quite a while.  It is amazing the capacity he has to love someone that is not here yet.  It makes me ache to see him change so much and then it makes me just as proud of him too.
My folks have been super supportive and helpful all summer taking charge of keeping up our house for us and helping out with everyday chores and care for George.  I know I would never have been able to do it on my own while Geo is in Illinois.  I have been so exhausted mentally and physically through this whole pregnancy.  This was such a change from when I was pregnant with George.  I cannot imagine how other women get through it without some type of support.
I've decided after Gary is here (and we get into a regular schedule) I will go back to making handmade glass beads and jewelry again.  I believe that my five year hiatus is long enough!  So stay tuned for some changes here as well.  I'm really excited because we have been slowly buying equipment for my studio and the timing is perfect.  WooHoo!
With that I'll leave you with my favorite picture this summer (from the Fourth of July):
Mommy & Georgie on the Fourth of July


3 thoughts on “Hello again …

  1. Dawn Smith says:

    OH MY GOODNESS, I am so happy you have posted something. I check in here every now and then and keep hoping to hear some news so it is great to know that the little man will be here soon. How is everything? We need to catch up

  2. capello says:

    you can absolutely homeschool down the road, griffin had/has the same thing and he’s pretty much grown out of it.
    just a wee bit now and the baby will be here! yay!

  3. Mel says:

    Those preschools can be amazing! My honorary nephew was diagnosed around the age of 3 with some delays (I don’t want to guess wrong, but speech and some motor controls), and the preschool he went to did wonders!
    Can’t wait for baby pics!

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