George is Turning Four

My *baby* will be four in eleven days and I want to wrap him back up into this:

I know it is selfish.  I'm a bawling mess every time I think about how our relationship is changing especially since his brother will be on board soon.  I know that we love all our kids in a special/different way and I also know this fear of losing something between us when Gary comes.  It makes my heart ache.
Then I look at George in pictures like this:

And cling to the fact that we will have so many new parts of our relationship to explore.  There is more understanding and commonalities between us.  There are new areas to appreciate and new parts of our lives to share.  George is my *baby* still even when he disagrees and says, "No, I'm Big Boy Georgie."  How do we have hearts big enough to hold all this love?
I think on the past four years and how in the beginning I could not imagine the changes that would take place in our lives.  All for the better and oh so different then what we planned.  George has taught us to trust our intuition, speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves, love unconditionally, explore and explore some more, find wonder in it all, create fantastic works out of mundane items, ask a billion questions until you are satisfied with the answer, read books over and over again with excitement, know when you have had enough, apologize when you hurt someone, give kisses and hugs freely, and seek out what makes you happiest.
I'm so very fortunate to have George in my life.


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