Gary ’ s Birth Story

On Monday, Aug. 11, I went in at Noon for a biophysical profile ultrasound at the request of my OB. Although Gary was physically doing well my aminiotic fluid was dangerously low (not sure if I had a leak and didn't realize it…) and the OB decided I needed to be induced that day. So to L&D I went, crying the whole time because of course Geo had already left late Sunday to go back to Illinois and I didn't think I could be induced with Pitocin again without his support.
Around 1pm. I was in my room hooked up for Gary's heart-tones and the antibiotics for my GBS. My OB came in after I had been monitored for an hour and decided that the results would allow me to wait on being induced (giving my crazy driving maniac of a husband time to get back from Illinois). I will admit I was a wreck… I had nothing with me – no husband, no music, nothing that I needed to relax with and my parents were stuck at home because I had driven the mini-van that had the carseat in it for Georgie. FUN!
They started the Pitocin around 5:30pm about 30 minutes before Geo was about to get to the hospital. I tried very hard to visualize my cervix opening and thinning because Pitocin and I do NOT have a great track record, hence the reason I was trying so hard to go naturally. Geo got in about 6pm and then I had my nervous breakdown…lol. After settling down and being checked at 8:30pm the OB on call broke my bag of waters and all heck broke loose. Gary was seriously distressed with heart-tones at 8/9.
Being that I had low fluid, the little I had left was not in the right area conducive to having my bag of waters broken and when the fluid rushed out Gary compressed against his cord and they couldn't seem to stabalize him with the different positions they had me move to… I was very calm, Geo was not – I think he almost passed out. After six minutes they were finally able to get Gary off his cord and his heart-tones were up to a nice 145/150 and held strong.
I progressed fairly well, better than last time but for some reason the pain wasn't as bearable and I had a very difficult time focusing and getting through the contractions. I was very discouraged, which as you all know is not a good thing while laboring. So we moved around a lot… probably more than the nurses were happy with because of course I was hooked up to a bunch of monitoring devices and they had to assist every time.
I entered active labor around 6:20am on Wed., Aug. 12, but didn't realize it because I was in that world of pain that I had turned into the exorcist when dealing with everyone. I was hallucinating too, which is never good. But as Geo relays it to me I was a trooper and pushed 20 mins. to help Gary enter the world screaming his head off…lol.
There was NO shoulder dystocia, which really didn't surprise us. And of course Gary only weighed 8lbs. 6oz. — not the projected 10 lbs. We are so happy to have him here now with us and Georgie is full of so much love and pride for his little brother. We are loving every minute of it and I can't get enough of those sweet baby cheeks!
P.S. I'm sorry there are such huge gaps in my story… what happened in between was a lot of stressful interactions with my OB. I also ended up with an uncalled for episiotomy (never asked and never told me until I was being stitched-up). I'm a little angry about it all, which isn't healthy and so I'm going to just let it go so I can enjoy my newest family member!


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