Two Months

I'd like to say time has been going by so quickly and that would be a lie.  Gary started out extremely colicky and to top it off I've had so many problems nursing it's almost too much for me to handle.  Handle it, I do.  Yoda would be proud.  I think the worst for all of us is the change in George's behavior.
Not only did George get a new sibling that shares and yes, sometimes, gets more attention but also he started a special needs preschool program two weeks later.  A lot to handle for a little boy.  To top it all off Geo still works in Illinois during the week and only is home Friday night through Sunday evening.  And George went cold turkey with no naps.  We're finding some challenging behaviors popping up now and being extremely tired most of the time it's all so hard to take in.
But then they get all cute on you…


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