This week George's preschool had a field trip to a local u-pick orchard.  We were treated to a hayride out to the pumpkin field and apple orchard where all the children picked out a pumpkin and an apple to eat on the ride back.  As you can see he had a terrific time.  Well, he did, after melt down number one.  For some reason he was very upset when I pointed out he wasn't following the directions on how to pick the apple.  Of course melt down number two followed asking for him to wash his hands to clean off the cinnamon sugar from his donut and number three followed later in the day when I told him it was time to go home.  I love these little adventures when I'm flying solo.


2 thoughts on “U-Pick

  1. Josie says:

    I can’t believe how big you are getting Georgie! It looks like lots of fun at the pumpkin patch. I wish that I could have been there too.
    Love you lots,
    Aunt Josie

  2. tasha says:

    hi dawn,
    sorry, it’s been a long while. how are you? are you handling and juggling everything okay? please post new pictures of the baby…i wanna see!
    georgie is so big. and, baby is so cute.

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