Do You Hear the Crickets?

I did not come back with an update on that sweet little number in the previous posts.  Know why?  I'm sure you figured it out.  It will not work.  Not only was it a two bedroom home (room number three was not a bedroom as claimed - it was being used as an office.  No closet and small), but also it had the stairway from hell – not heaven.  Georgie already broke his arm this summer and we are not looking for any repeats.  The stairs were steep, shallow, and wood.  I would even venture to say that I would probably have taken a tumble or two.  This saddens me because the area is sweet – schools are top rated, neighbors have children our children's ages, it is walking distance to everything and of course the house itself charmed the socks off of my romantic side.
Today we start again and are back scouring listings for rental homes, making appointments to see them, and hoping that something out there will be a good fit.  It is hard doing this long distance and relying on Geo to look at all the prospects during his work week is not what I had in mind.  All I have are photos on my end.  I figure if we did it to buy this house in Michigan we can do it to find a rental in Illinois.  I only wish I could be more help to him.


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