Wow, that one slipped in quietly.  A lot going on this month including the boys birthdays – five and one this year!  I need to work on getting the outside and inside of the house in order before leaving it with my folks.  We are getting insurance for them but I don't want to leave them with anything I can fix now because that would be unfair.
 The list for the house (I'm sure it will be added to…):

  • Septic pumped.
  • Well water checked.
  • Water Softener maintenance.
  • Air Conditioner maintenance.
  • Spring clean yard – yes, I am aware it is the last month of summer and I still have not done a thing out there.
  • Spackle any holes in walls and touch up paint where I can.
  • Procure extra home owners insurance for mechanicals.
  • List all utilities and contact numbers for my parents.
  • Arrange donation pick-up with Purple Heart.
  • Pack-up Kitchen, Laundry Room, Living Room, Bathroom, Bedrooms, and any repacking of seasonal items.
  • ????

The list for anything else (there is a ton that I can't think of at the moment…):

  • Procure all medical records for the family and birth certificates for the boys.
  • Close any Michigan related accounts/services.
  • Procure Georgie's IEP information and any other documents he will need to start school.
  • Find a place to live – yes, I understand this is a big one… beats me why it has been so hard.
  • Move… as long as the one above is taken care of first. 😉
  • ????

Oh boy, why do I feel like I'm in way over my head on this one.


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