My son, Gary, is one year old today.  One.  I thought we would never make it through the first two weeks after George went back to work.  I was always super exhausted, more so than I ever was with Georgie.  I kept thinking I need to just get through one more night and 365 nights later we are doing rather well.  I have been truly lucky to have boys that adjusted to sleeping on their own without any significant problems.  There are the weird nights where no one is sleeping well.  I would not say it has been horrible.  Yes, very lucky indeed. Gary is so like his brother, Georgie, and so different too.  I have found it challenging to not compare their growth.  Georgie has always been a big boy and of course with his SPD a bit behind in development.  Gary not so much - definitely petite enough that everyone still thinks he is a girl when we go out.  Ha!  He is so interested in everything his big brother is doing.  He has hit every milestone except his lazy approach to walking.  He stands up fine he just does not want to walk to get any where.  I'm sure he will figure out it is to his advantage to walk instead of crawl.  We will see. I have so much more I would like to say about him… he is my baby through and through.


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