I know, I know …

It's always back and forth with me.  Well, after having such a difficult time finding a place to live in and finding out some troubling news we were all set to stay in the living situtation we were in for a while longer.  As it happens we decided later after a great deal of soul searching and weighing the pros and cons that moving was still a good idea – at least for our family.  So we're headed to Geneva, Illinois this weekend to make nice with our new little pad.  I'm hoping it won't take too long to settle in to our new digs.  I have some new ideas for what I'd like to do with our old things… we're in need of some sprucing up around here and I finally have the motivation to tackle the projects!  Stay tuned…


One thought on “I know, I know …

  1. Sooz says:

    The one thing I found to be the biggest, best thing I did when I moved 10 yrs ago was to give away a LOT of my belongings. I’ve never had any money, but I’m great at flea markets and yard sales, so it’s not as if I had a ton of stuff to throw out……you’d think. It’s always surprising how much stuff you really do not need.
    Plus, after my divorce, I found gradually replacing my wardrobe with different clothing was a HUGE relief. Clothes carry so much baggage! At this point, most of my clothes carry vibes from my new husband and new life.
    But…..Just don’t dump ALL your bracelets. (No, I realize it’s already gone!) 🙂

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