George starts his first day of kindergarten on Thursday.  He is excited to see "friends" again even though I've explained over and over again that he may not have any familiar faces in his class.  It is hard for him to understand that not everyone you meet is your instant friend.  George thinks if you say hello to him you're his friend forever.  We have tried working on this with him to no avail.  It is another heartbreak waiting to happen and when it does no amount of preparing for it will make it hurt any less.

So with that in mind I'm a little stressed for him to start school.  This is a private turmoil I deal with every time we go to the park or play date and now with school.  I know right now he doesn't understand and so for now his feelings aren't hurt if people don't play with him or talk to him.  George doesn't get it, so for now we let it go.  I'm sure that he will do his best and at some point some person will understand, accept him and they'll become friends.  If not, well, he has us – always.

I'm attending all the meet and greets and parent nights for his class and boosters.  This way I may be able to make some parent connections before our kids meet.  I missed this for preschool last year due to our move in October and boy was it hard to connect with any of those parents.  I think if I can meet some of them I may have more luck trying to set-up play dates.  George was put out about not having any one to play with this summer and going to parks to find play mates didn't work well.  It is very difficult to approach a child's parent in the park when they've shielded themselves from conversation with cell phones and paperbacks.

Even with all that in my mind I was able to get George ready for school.  No new school clothes since Grandma and Papa have been sweet enough to find some great clothes at their local thrift stores.  All school supplies have been purchased and packed into his favorite yellow back-pack to bring to school.  And today we're on our way to get George's school physical and I'm hoping that will not be too much of a meltdown when we get there.  Kindergarten here we come! 

George August 2010


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