Raising Awareness as well as Funds for SPD

I've been reading a new, to me, blog called Hartley's Life With 3 Boys.  I've been very heartened to learn more about others experiences with SPD during Hartley's 30 SPD stories in 30 days.  I highly encourage all my family and friends to follow along to learn more about Sensory Processing Disorder.  And I challenge you all to donate to The SPD Foundation through the fundraising link here (if this link doesn't work properly, Hartley has the fundraising button on the right side of her website.) 

We need more research and education on this disorder.  It needs to be in the DSM.  We struggle enough day to day without having to struggle with having this medically recognized as well!

If you make a donation, I encourage you to make a note of my family's name and email address (Dawn Christ at maybe-someday@comcast.net) in the comment section of the donation form.  It will help us receive entries in raising the most money in Hartley's fundraiser and possibly we will win some sensory-friendly items for Georgie!



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