DSC09246_edited-1 (Dadiooo – not sure where that came from, Mom, Gary, George)

While I've been having my own breakthroughs it seems my six year old has as well.  Lately he has been asking for word spelling to be modeled so he can copy it.  It has been challenging and frustrating for him because 1.) he's left handed 2.) we're not, 3.) he's used to tracing and 4.) he writes like he talks – all over the place.

Yesterday, he was interested in the lists I've been making and the make-shift art studio I've been setting up in our den.  He has been watching me with great intensity and while we were on an errand, to find him some new gym shoes, he asked for some pads of paper that would be for his use only.  I thought this odd since we have tons of paper in our house for him to use.  He wanted a small list like pad though, so I took him to the office supply aisle and let him pick out what he wanted.  He did and I bought two pads of paper for him.

We came home, un-packed our purchases and he took the pads back to his room to the work-station he set-up for himself there out of a play workbench and child's chair.   He was back there for a few minutes before running quickly down the hallway to give me a piece of paper he had obviously been working on.  As he handed it to me he said that would be $10, 000.00 and I needed to pay him.  I looked down at the list he had made and thought it was worth so much more – priceless even.

For the first time in his life, my baby, wrote out words by himself, without tracing, without modeling, without a teacher's hand or a parent's correction.  I cried.  While this may not seem like a big deal to many of you it's a great move forward for him – he gets it.  My heart is singing for him.  He's so proud of himself, as well he should be, and he told me he can't wait to make more lists tomorrow.  I can't wait either baby.


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