Challenging to Change

Do you know Ashley from Blessings in A Basket?  You should!  I'm getting to know her better through Brave Girls Club forums and the Soul Restoration Workshop anticipation that is going on there.  Among other things she has put to us a One Week at a Time Challenge to take responsibility, take action and make the changes we need to improve our lives.  I want to exit the dark place I've been residing in on and off most of my adult life.  I want to SHINE again (which I've decided after seeing way too many signs is my word this year) and always.  So this is what she asked of us:

EVERY MONDAY for 2011 to commit to ONE thing that you need to work on..We all know that when the new year rolls around that we bite off WAY more than we can chew…that our desires are bigger than our reality…so we are going to take one thing at a time…and you may decide that this one thing is the SAME goal for several weeks in a row and that is OK!!

Although I've already put a few things out there to work on this year I felt this challenge (perhaps because it's per week) is approachable and very doable.  I'm all in for making some changes on a weekly basis.  Tune back in each Monday to see what I decided needs some changing.  My first challenge is one step that will have me on my way to go from looking like this:


To looking like this again:

Mother's Day 

And since I'm being all up in your face with some honest photos I also want you to know that those two photos are four months shy of two years apart… painful and true.


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