OW@TC: Week One – Day Three

Today had an interesting start, however, I'm completely amazed how easy it is to get ready each morning (that was one of my many excuses – it was too hard with kids, etc.)  One of the people I can credit for that is the lovely Michelle Phan.  I learned all the basics to how I now apply my make-up from her… I chose to forget how easy it really was.

I found Michelle a couple of years ago on youtube.com while searching for videos on the smokey eye technique that was all the rage for a while.  She has since started representing Lancome and other ventures but I still enjoy her make-up technique videos.  Depending on what event I was getting made-up for (remember I wasn't wearing make-up for everyday) I loved catching one of her videos first.  She also has some really just-for-fun make-up tutorials that show you how to recreate make-up you've seen in a movie or on your favorite musical artist.

Today I went with my basic look again (I'm thinking of changing that for fun on Fridays.)  After I took pictures and uploaded them to my computer I realized i really need to correct my roots or re-dye my hair, so that's on my to-do list this evening.  Here I am ready to seize the day:



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