OW@TC: Week One – Day Four

Honestly, there almost was not a day four for me.  I had a bit of an emergency of the hair dye gone bad type.  You see I used to buy hair dye when it was on sale, I had a coupon or I could BOGO.  Then I'd stash it in my bathroom cabinet and use it as I needed it.

Let me just say it has been a LONG time since I bought hair dye.  And when I noticed my roots looked pretty bad in my photo yesterday I decided to dye it.  So off to my magical stash of hair dye in the bathroom cabinet, except I never tested it on a lock of hair to make sure it had not gone bad.  It.went.bad.

After crying a bit over the mess I went back to my magical stash and pulled a few colors I thought would work to help fix my hair.  Then I tested each one on a lock of hair… took forever.  Needless to say I will only be going to a professional to dye my hair for now on.  It just is not worth the trouble to do it myself and have potential for disaster.

Day four started out rocky, I worked through it and here I am ready to tackle any other fun surprises:



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