OW@TC: Week One – Day Five

My hair is a little brittle from yesterday, so I was trying to do less curling with the iron until I have a chance to give it a good conditioning.  I tried some lighter pinks/purples and shimmery gray for my make-up – looks soft and feminine in person but I'm not sure the camera did a very good job at picking that up.  Oh how I long for a new camera… the one I'm using is on its last leg.  I'm wearing some really cute earrings unfortunately my hair hides them.


I've enjoyed this challenge and all the excuses I used to use not to get ready in the morning have basically been blown out of the water.  I also feel so much less stress about someone knocking on my door or having to run errands.  I will be continuing since this was definitely a very easy change to make.  Three more days until my next challenge…


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