OW@TC: Week Two – Day One

Clutter.  I despise it – it overwhelms me – I shut down.  Period.  This weeks challenge is to donate at least twelve bags/boxes of stuff we have been lugging around from move to move in our fifteen years of being together as a couple and our six years of adding new members to our family. 

I'm amazed by what comes through our door and that not nearly enough leaves through it to make place for the new thing.  I'm going to post some amazingly honest photos.  It hurts.  It's the truth and I want to hold myself accountable.  

I do donate gently used clothes to various charities… I'm not as good at donating other things like children's toys, electronics, household items, etc.  When we move again this summer I want to be able to put all of our household in one rented cube van.  One trip… I know this is possible.  I know that I want to simplify and consume less so we can experience more.

So here we go – ready – deep breath… these three storage areas are where I will start.  They have boxes in them that have items in them that we don't use or we don't know are there because we never unpacked them.  Unbelievable.

Back Storage Room (you cannot even walk into it):


DSC09559_edited-1 DSC09558_edited-1 
Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet (same thing – cannot walk-in):


Husband's Armoire:


I know… scary.  My plan is to start in the Master Closet this evening.  I need my husband's help on deciding which clothes he will be parting with… yes, it's hard to tell from that photo but that closet is filled with my husband's clothes – the whole right side from floor to ceiling, boxes & baskets on the floor and in the back as well as all those drawers.  Clothes we've been moving around each move since we first started dating in 1996.  Time to make some decisions.  Once he has helped me with that I can tackle the rest.

The three areas I've chosen are by far the worst.  I do have other hot spots in my household – I'll tackle those after these three major ones are done.  I'm pretty sure I will get through this far exceeding the twelve bag/box goal.


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