OW@TC: Week Two – Day Four

Okay, it's day four and I'm now finished with the Master Closet.  Below are before and after shots.  I have six bags and five boxes going to donation now.




DSC09577_edited-1 (My side on the left)

(Husband's side on the right)


There are open shelves, empty drawers and I have moved empty boxes to the top shelf where they will be out of the way but easily visible when we need to locate them.  The one thing that I still need to do is go through that plastic tub you see above containing memorabilia.  It's not something I want to tackle right now.

Tonight and tomorrow I will be taking on the back storage room…. if I do not return, know that I fought the good fight.


2 thoughts on “OW@TC: Week Two – Day Four

  1. Dawn C. says:

    Thank you, Rebecca. It’s staying that way too, which is the best part! I wish I could help others organize/clean – I’m horrible at it and it’s a major challenge for me daily! 😉

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