Still Here

I have not completely abandoned my blog.  I've had a lot of illness, a lot of projects with due dates, and trips planned, canceled, replanned along with out of town guests coming for longer than I've ever had guests before… can we say a wee bit stressed?  Along with Spring Break and a sensory seeking child on my hands that cannot get enough stimulation to keep him out of trouble, as well as the realization that we should actually be saying two as now the younger one is now showing a lot of sensory seeking and avoidance.  The worst is the very bad haircut I received on Sunday along with wave after wave of my peri-menopausal hive episodes.  It's been interesting.  Oh I so love being a grown-up…hahaha.  So please stay with me folks, I have some finished projects to post, some new workshops I'm taking, and a little more about our lives with SPD.






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