Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and Dermatographic Urticaria

One of the first and very strange symptoms of my particular entry into perimenopause was hives or Urticaria, specifically two types: Chronic Idiopathic (CIU) and Dermatographic (sometimes called Skin Writing or Artificial.)

DSC01084_edited-1 {Dermatographic or Skin Writing or Artificial Urticaria}

It has been a joy, not.  The worst part for me is when the CIU flares up at night when I'm trying to sleep.  It is maddening.  Try falling asleep with what feels like a million mosquito bites.  Sometimes I'll cause the Dermatographic to flare up simply by brushing against something with a blunt edge or pressing my clothes into my skin when I lean into or sit on a piece of furniture – MADDENING.  I don't have photos of the CIU because some of the places they pop up are inappropriate to post and that's where they're appearing today.  I'll try to remember next time my face, neck, arms, or legs happen to have them, which shouldn't be too long.  The photo above was done with a blunt ended pick-up stick, pressing very lightly… all that red around the raised skin is not from pressing hard or aggressively.  Amazing, huh?

Basically my body is confused… it's sending out histamines for no reason – maybe it's bored.  I'm considering going to a naturopath because it is starting to affect me emotionally as well as physically.  I cannot explain how distracting and frustrating it is to constantly itch, feeling the heat of the welts, and not flip out.  Don't get me wrong, I'm super grateful it isn't something life threatening.  It still makes me cry on days when a simple antihistamine is ineffective.


One thought on “Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria and Dermatographic Urticaria

  1. losingfeathers says:

    I think i have a similar problem,m from india,medicines like allegra 180mg,levosiz and lorfast do give a temporary relief.but yeah u do have to pop one every 24 hrs or so but still it helps u survive !!

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